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If you have a general Scouting Enquiry, please contact the UK Scout Association here

If you have a general enquiry for Keinton Sea Scouts, please e-mail and we will get straight back to you.

We now have some “duty phones” for the Group.  This means that the emergency numbers will stay the same for every event, and the staff now have good old fashioned ‘Nokia Bricks’ that will hold a charge for the full length of a summer camp!  If you need to contact us, the numbers are:

Village Hall (Payphone in foyer) – 01458 224298

In Touch (POC for trips and events) – 07938 685788

Group Scout Leader (general contact for group) – 07938 685789

Leader in Charge (Leading trips and events) – 07938 685790

Please note the LiC of an event will probably be too busy ensuring your child is having a great time to answer the phone, but if you want to get a routine message to camp (such as “Tell John he has left his spare socks behind”) then a text will do the trick.  Remember – in emergencies use the In Touch procedure (see the separate ‘Emergencies’ tab for further details)

If you are interested in joining Keinton Sea Scouts, please complete our Expression of Interest Form:

Expression of Interest